The musicians met during their studies at The Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg and established the JAR trio at the beginning of 2018. The artists search for a distinctive sound and musical concepts that would keep the audience curious. The inspirations well from classical baroque and romanticism eras, 60’s acoustic jazz period and nowadays modern jazz. Creative interaction between the musicians, a wide range of dynamics and a strong emphasis on melodies are the milestones of the trio's music.
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Members of The JAR


Jan Sedlák

Upright bass

Jan Sedlák plays the upright bass. His musical roots are in jazz fusion genres which he began exploring in Prague, Czech Republic and delved fully into during his Copenhagen stay in between 2012 and 2017. Jan is currently studying at The Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg. He focuses on jazz improvisation, composition and arrangement.

Agne Zivatkauskaite


Agne's friendship with music began in early childhood years while studying the genre of classical piano. These first experiences are the main influencing factors in pianist's approach to making and performing music, though her main musical focus has shifted to the genre of jazz for the past few years.


Rasmus Mellemgaard Frandsen


Rasmus is born and raised in Aalborg, Denmark. He discovered the drums at an early age and as he grew older it became apparent that he wanted to study music. With a background in the electric fusion scene, the organic sound of the jazztrio is a newer venture on his journey as a musician.

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